A New Children’s Book From AlbinoPigGorilla Press: “Do Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears?”

“Do Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears?” is our next proposed book project.

Here are some images for the book that I started with a friend, Terry Haley, and hope to publish through AlbinoPigGorilla Press.

The story revolves around two different species developing a symbiotic relationship in order to help one another. Their cooperation shows the other creatures of the forest has a community and help each other.

The story is about a symbiotic relationship between two critters that come from two very different backgrounds, however they learn to work together

Previous Client Work

Janine de Souza is a Bay Area singer/songwriter who has written and produced a musical called “Brand New Day,” led and founded a Jazz band for 8 plus years while working as a Kindermusik and music teacher.

Image link to "Meet me Under the Mistletoe" animated music video.
“Meet me Under the Mistletoe” animated video

She is always working on new songs and projects, and it was a blast making these music videos for her. We hope to work with her again in the future.

Image link to "Northern Star" animated music video.
“Northern Star” animated music video

The UP-LATE… Cast is Growing

Up Late… is a parody talk-show about a drunken loser, Giuseppe B, who hosts a late night talk show from his crappy kitchen and has the oddest guests, mostly neighbors or people who get too close to his environs and get pulled into his so-called show.

While buying some booze Giuseppe runs into a familiar face.
The Spirit Goblin staring at Giuseppe.
Giuseppe’s most favorite bar and most favorite Lady Bartender!

Our Latest Cartoon Pitch: Up Late…

Giuseppe (30s) is in a dream, in a bed, in a hospital, in a coma, surrounded by his loved ones…due to a drunk-driving incident.
Giuseppe begins by hosting plain old crappy guests, whatever he can scrape up, but as the episodes play out he hosts odder and odder celebrity guests — ‘Lil Wayne,’ ‘Beyoncé,’ ‘Maybe Matt Damon’ — some of whom turn out to be the Spirit Goblin in disguise who is trying to advise him on what he should do to make amends and put his life back together. The object of his affection, a lady bartender, appears on his show as well in oddly confusing ways.

A inebriate layabout hosts a late night talk show from his crappy apartment, which could actually just be a dream or that he’s stuck in a purgatory-like coma.