Our Latest Cartoon Pitch: Up Late…

Giuseppe (30s) is in a dream, in a bed, in a hospital, in a coma, surrounded by his loved ones…due to a drunk-driving incident.
Giuseppe begins by hosting plain old crappy guests, whatever he can scrape up, but as the episodes play out he hosts odder and odder celebrity guests — ‘Lil Wayne,’ ‘Beyoncé,’ ‘Maybe Matt Damon’ — some of whom turn out to be the Spirit Goblin in disguise who is trying to advise him on what he should do to make amends and put his life back together. The object of his affection, a lady bartender, appears on his show as well in oddly confusing ways.

A inebriate layabout hosts a late night talk show from his crappy apartment, which could actually just be a dream or that he’s stuck in a purgatory-like coma.